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Swede-O Joint Wrap Cold Compression Pack

From Core Products UPC: 782944052504 Item #: ACC-525 Read Reviews Write a Review

Swede-O Joint Wrap Cold Compression Pack
Swede-O Lifestyle
Swede-O Joint Wrap Cold Compression Pack
Swede-O Lifestyle

In our opinion, this versatile, extremely comfortable joint wrap is the best cold therapy wrap available and at a great price.

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The versatile design of the Swede-O® Joint Wrap comfortably surrounds painful, inflamed joints with cold therapy. Use the adjustable straps to provide compression and secure the pack to the painful area to help provide long lasting, drug free relief.

The plush fabric is soft to the touch and gentle on the skin and slowly releases cold therapy for subacute injuries while the smooth surface quickly releases cold therapy for acute injuries. The nontoxic, biodegradable fill in this pack stays soft and pliable when frozen.

Simply store the pack in the freezer for a minimum of one hour prior to use; the pack will remain cold for 20-30 minutes. Reusable. Made in USA.

Pack 11.5" x 11.5"
Short Strap 3" x 11"
Long Strap 4" x 34"

Customer Reviews (4)

100% of reviewers would recommend this product to family or a friend (4 of 4).

Best ice pack ever!

Reviewed by allan share on 04/29/2019

I'm the proud owner of the Swede-O and just love it. Concurrently, I've had pain my shoulder and my wrist, both places that seem hard to attach an ice pack to. Given the design of this pack and the wonderful multi-velcro pieces that come with it, well, its easy to ice ANY AREA! Thank you for making an amazing product!

Thrilled with results

Reviewed by Jeff H on 04/22/2019

I had total knee replacement 5 days ago and had my first in home physical therapy appointment this afternoon. My therapist commented that I have done a good job of keeping it iced as he said the swelling was far less than what he expected. I attribute the results to this joint wrap. It’s remarkably comfortable and provides full coverage of the knee with out the awkwardness of a standard ice pack not designed for the knee.

Great product, love it

Reviewed by BabS on 07/20/2018

I just had knee replacement surgery, this product wrapped around my knee in cool comfort. It helped the swelling go down, and is very comfortable to use. I highly recommend it to anyone needing a comfortable wrap either hot or cold.

Joint Wrap

Reviewed by Dr. J on 06/05/2018

I tested the sample on Saturday. I went for a 20 mile trail ride (mountain bike) in the morning and wrapped my right knee after. it stayed in place and the thickness of the wrap kept it cold for longer (compression was good too). Time to trow out the bag of frozen peas - this thing is awesome!